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RE: HTTP connection and multiple servers...

From: Danny Ayers <danny@isacat.net>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 10:13:13 +0100
To: <frederik.deweerdt@rd.francetelecom.com>, "Naresh Jain" <narej@microsoft.com>, <www-talk@w3.org>
Hi Naresh (and all).

>I think it is possible to achieve. If you use Apache JServ for
>example, your client will be assigned a session ID. This session will
>be associated to the box that first served it, so incoming requests
>with this session ID (a cookie in fact) will be served by the
>original box.

Hmm - I don't think you need cookies at all, if you maintain session
information on the server(s) then it it is possible to specify which box
deals with whatever comms come your way. The following is the key point :

>IMHO the aswer to your question depends on the architecture you rely

If you could supply details of the architecture you are using, a more
specific answer might be forthcoming ;-)

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