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Re: WWW: Interoperability Crisis?

From: Wilbur Streett <WStreett@mail.Monmouth.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 02:21:34 -0500
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To: Dan Brickley <Daniel.Brickley@bristol.ac.uk>
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>hmm... http://www.landfield.com/faqs/usenet/legends/godwin/
>"How to post about Nazis and get away with it - the Godwin's Law FAQ"...

Well, when I was in fourth grade, I ended up in a discussion with my
friends about how I had read everything that I found worth reading in the
US Air Force Base library in Weisbaden, Germany.  About 15 minutes later
one of the Korean kids came by and laughingly dropped a red leather bound
book with gold lettering in front of me claiming "This is the book of the
devil!" and then ran away.

I sat wondering if I should read it.  After all, my mother had been through
hell, being in a concentration camp, suffering the war.  The book was "Mein
Kampf" by Adolf Hitler.  I read about half of it, and found a young man
trying to figure out why Germany was suffering so much.  He said that he
thought that control of the media, by the Jews, might have been a part of
the problem, but he wasn't sure.  He went on about other things as well.

But after having read about of the book, I felt that I knew where he was
coming from.  It wasn't a very good read.  But then I realized that I
couldn't discuss this with my mother.

So I kept reading.  Looking for the cause of WWII.  What had made the world
go crazy.  Why people had allowed these atrocities to occur?  I ended up in
another world.  The world that I was stuck in trying to find out why WWII
had happened, and the face to face world that my friends lived in when they
came up to me and played the interface game.

I kept reading because my mother had told me that if I kept reading I'd
eventually find the answer.  I found the answers in the final book that I
read on the subject of WWII.  It documented how the communication structure
of the world changing lead to all of the World Wars.  My mother later
confirmed that she never met anyone that was the devil, that everything
that occured was based on the piece of paper that came with an order.  I
eventually figured out that I was rather unique in being able to read books
about WWII at 9 years of age, and that the vast majority of the world had a
communications boundary to the written word.  After all, the cult of the
scribes didn't define all value in life, no matter what they claimed to the

The WWW is a significant change in the communication infrastructure of the
world.  It brings the world back to the written word.  I'm also working on
a another change to the communication infrastructure, putting the face back
into communication.  But the literacy rate is still very low.  I've seen
estimates that about 5% of the world is actually able to read and
comprehend what we take for granted.

But most people still have their primary method of communicaiton, face to
face, as an intrinsic part of their humanity.  I hope to find a way to
avoid another World War with the changes that we have already created and
the one's that I'm working on.  To bad I'm having to bring up these issues
in the technology created by the cult of the scribes, but since we've been
sustaining it for 3,500 years, I suspect it will take more than my lifetime
to make it go away.


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