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Re: Effectiveness of Proxy Caching today

From: Martin Hamilton <martin@net.lut.ac.uk>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 18:07:57 +0100
To: "John Hardy" <jh@lagado.com>
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"John Hardy" writes:

| Does it follow that most page accesses are uncacheable? Is this compensated
| by static content such as images, MP3's etc

Hi John - it seems to be the case there's a substantial enough volume
of cacheable (but not necessarily static :-) content out there that
(at least one level of) proxy caching is still useful.  For instance,
the first level (site) caches I help to run are shipping several
million URLs/day between them, and have been achieving byte and
request hit rates in the region of 45% to 55% of the requested URLs on
a combined cache (pooled using cache digests) of just 100GB.

They've been getting another ~15% hit rate from peerings with a second
level "national" cache cluster that (by way of a comparison) has some
1.5TB of pooled disk and ships ~80m URLs/day and ~800GB/day peak. More
at <URL:http://wwwcache.ja.net/events/JISC-2000/> in case anyone's

You might also want to check out the proceedings of the web caching
workshops - best to start at <URL:http://www.terena.nl/conf/wcw/>,
which has only just taken place and so has the freshest results :-)



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