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IE and Location header

From: Susan J. Munson <sjm8k@virginia.edu>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:41:38 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <36265D64.5D94@virginia.edu>
To: applix!uunet!w3.org!www-talk@uunet.uu.net

Can anyone enlighten me as to whether it is possible to send the
following from a cgi script and have Internet Explorer understand it.

Location: http://host:port/serverpath/@command?target=value;state=value

The redirect to a Netscape client works fine.  The same Location header
to Internet Explorer results in a 404 error although the URL is
submitted to stdout without hitch.  If you hit the refresh on the IE
browser - page displays fine. Sending a second name/value pair, i.e.,
&name=value instead of the state/value (;state=value) results in a
404 also, which leads me to the conclusion that I may be unable to 
send the entire URL in a Location header.  If so, any other alternatives
that other cgi scripters are using would be appreciated.

Thanks, Sue

Sue Munson, Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
University of Virginia

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