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WebNet 98 Final CFP (Orlando, FL)

From: Assoc Advancement Computers Education <aace@curry.edschool.virginia.edu>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 00:21:04 -0400 (EDT)
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To: AACE <aace@virginia.edu>

** Final Call for WebNet 98 Presentations--Deadline: July 23rd **

                    > Work-in-Progress Short Papers
                    > Business/Corporate Sessions
                    > Poster/Demonstrations  
                    > SIG Discussions         


                        W e b N e t  98


                    Nov. 7-12, 1998  *  Orlando, Florida
                  Holiday Inn International Drive Resort


             ** Submission Deadline: July 23, 1998 **

                         Organized by
 AACE-Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
       in cooperation WWW/Internet businesses & industry

                      Program Activities
  * Keynote Speakers  * Invited Speakers * Roundtables
  * Papers            * Panels           * Posters/Demos
  * Workshops         * Tutorials        * Business/Corp Sessions
  * SIG Discussions   * Exhibition       * Social Program

WebNet 98 serves as a multi-disciplinary, international forum
for the exchange of information on the development,
applications, and research on all topics related to the Web and
Internet. This encompasses the use, applications and societal
and legal aspects of the Internet in its broadest sense.

This Final Call for Participation is offered for those who
either were unable to meet the first deadline (March) for
submissions or were not ready to present a finished paper or

You are invited to submit a proposal for either a
Work-in-Progress Short Paper, Business/Corporate session,
Poster/Demonstration, or SIG Discussion. All proposals will be
reviewed and if accepted will be included in the Final Program
and published in the CD-ROM and Website version of the

These categories of sessions have been quite popular in the
past for the efficient exchange of information about on-going
research, applications, projects, and commercial

	All authors MUST complete the Web form at:

                   Presentation Categories

Work-in-Progress Short Papers (15 minutes):
Are brief, more condensed of ongoing projects, applications, or
research.  Basic presentation AV/computer equipment is provided.

Business/Corporate Sessions (30 minutes):
Offer companies an opportunity in the Program to inform the
audience of their future directions and to showcase noteworthy
products and services. Basic presentation AV/computer equipment
is provided.

Demonstrations/Posters (2 hours):
Are 2 hour informal presentations and enable researchers and
non-commercial developers to demonstrate and discuss their
latest results and work in progress.  These sessions offer
opportunities to gain valuable feedback and to establish
contact with similar projects.

Demonstration/Poster presenters are required to arrange for
their own systems software and hardware. The Conference will
provide a table, chairs, 4x8 poster board, and electricity for
each session.

Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussions (1 hour):
Encourage informal interaction among individuals with common

                    Submission Information
Submit a 1-2 page abstract or outline of your paper or current

The general principles applying to all are:
1. All communication will be with the contact presenter who is
   responsible for communicating with co-presenters of that
2. All presenters must register and pay the registration fee.
   Early registration will be approximately $375 (US) with a
   discount for AACE members.
3. The conference will attempt to secure basic equipment needed
   for presenters. However, when special equipment cannot be
   obtained, presenters may need to bring or rent equipment.

Proposals must be submitted either electronically (preferred) in
the form of URL addresses or as emailed ASCII/text files (uncoded).  

Major Topics include (but are not limited to):
Advances in Multimedia
Application Development Tools
Authoring Tools
Browsing and Navigation Tools
Computer-Human Interface (CHI) Issues
Country Specific Developments
Collaborative Learning and Work
Courseware Development
Data and Link Management
Didactic Issues for Web Presentations
Digital Libraries and Museums
Distance Education
Educational Multimedia
Electronic Commerce
Electronic Publishing and Design
Financial Transactions
Future Issues in Web Technology
Hardware and Software Technologies
Industries and Services
Integration of Web Applications and Services
Interaction and Feedback
International Issues and Developments
JAVA Technology Applications
Legal Issues
Mobile Computing
Net-Based Multimedia/Hypermedia Systems
Psychology of Web-Use
Search Engines
Security and Privacy
Social and Cultural Issues
Statistical Tools and User Tracking
The Web as Discussion Forum
Virtual Reality
Web Page Design Tools
Web Servers
Web Site Tools

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                       INFORMATION REQUEST

To receive future WebNet 98 announcements, please complete
this form and return to the address below or use the electronic
form at http://www.aace.org/conf/webnet/finalcall.htm








Please send me:
 __  Advance Program/Registration material
 __  Conference proceedings ordering information
 __  Exhibitor booth order information
 __  Brochure on Association for the Adv. of Computing in Ed.

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