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CFP: Arch. Prot. & QoS for Future Internet

From: Mohammed Atiquzzaman <atiq@engr.udayton.edu>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 18:29:35 -0400 (EDT)
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European Transactions on Telecommunications (ETT)

Special Issue on

Guest Editors: Matteo D'Ambrosio and  Mohammed Atiquzzaman

Recent advances in switching and transmission technologies allow 
the implementation of very high speed networks that are changing 
the face of the Internet. In the next Telecommunication Age it 
will be possible to support new multimedia applications in a global 
environment and design new services on flexible platforms without 
upgrading the physical infrastrucure. In order to reach these goals 
many researchers are working on defining the new Network Architecture,
which will be capable of offering transport and computation services 
to communication applications with stringent Quality of Service (QoS) 
requirements. New protocols and node implementations have to be 
envisioned with this objective in mind. The ETT Journal announces a 
forthcoming issue on "Architectures, Protocols and Quality of Service 
For The Internet Of The Future", that will be focused on 
(but not limited to) the following topics:

- New node architectures for Switching and Routing at Gigabit Speeds
- Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS): design principles, network 
  architecture and performance
- Internetworking with ATM and High Speed Networks to offer QoS guarantees
- Multimedia Services running on Heterogeneous Networks
- Network and Transport Protocols in the Integrated Services Internet
- QoS provision, multicast support and policy capabilities in Routing and 
  Signalling Protocols
- Differentiated Services Architectures
- Open Control Architectures and Active Networks

Prospective authors should email their manuscripts (PostScript format) 
or send five (5) hard copies to one of the Guest Editors listed below. 

The following deadlines will apply:

- Submission of manuscripts                 June 30, 1998
- Notification of acceptance                November 15, 1998
- Submission of final manuscript            December 15, 1998
- Publication Date                          March-April, 1999

                          Guest Editors
     Matteo D'Ambrosio                      Mohammed Atiquzzaman
     Networking Department                  Department of Electrical &
     CSELT                                  Computer Engineering
     v. Reiss Romoli 274                    University of Dayton
     10148 Torino                           Dayton, Ohio 45469-0226
     Italy                                  USA
     phone: +39 11 2285006                  phone: +1 937 229-3183
     fax: +39 11 2285069                    fax: +1 937 229-4529
     e-mail: matteo.dambrosio@cselt.it 	    e-mail: atiq@engr.udayton.edu

More information about the special issue can be obtained from 

Note: If a paper is not accepted for the special issue, it will be
considered for publication in one of the regular issues of ETT.
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