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DIP and Multimedia Environments - Call for Papers

From: RB. Johnson <R.B.Johnson@Bristol.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 11:24:12 +0100 (BST)
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                Image and Vision Computing Journal
                        Call for Papers


The Image and Vision Computing Journal announces a forthcoming special
issue on Document Image Processing (DIP) and Multimedia Environments.
Papers published in IVC have addressed a wide variety of image processing
applications. This  special issue will focus on DIP and related multimedia
research, and will present a collection of high-quality papers on the subject.

Document image processing is now an established field within the
electronic imaging world. It is becoming even more prevalent
wherever paper documents need to be transformed into electronic
format for long-term storage, backup, multiple access and retrieval.
The process of extracting information from often poor
quality images of documents is a topic of active research.

Multimedia research is still in its infancy but is a fast expanding area.
Whilst the emergence of the World Wide Web has given a boost to the awareness
of this phenomenon, there are a number of problems to be solved, not least
the integration of DIP into multimedia applications. With the increasingly
widespread use of multimedia to convey information in electronic form,
where sound, moving images and graphics could be part of a compound
document, the role of DIP becomes even more prominent. Thus
a special issue on DIP and related multimedia research is a timely activity.

Original high-quality contributions are solicited on all aspects of DIP and
related multimedia applications. Emphasis will be placed on novel techniques,
analytical methods, and design and optimization approaches rather than
on specific software packages. Prospective authors are encouraged to
submit contributions in the following areas or related subjects:

        o document decomposition strategies
        o OCR
        o form-based processing
        o compound document modelling and representation
        o compound document processing and analysis
        o compound document navigation and retrieval
        o fax recognition
        o DIP related standards
        o interfaces to DIP and multimedia environments
        o image and multimedia databases
        o network issues relating to image transmission
        o distributed or networked DIP and multimedia applications
        o security and encryption issues
        o business process re-engineering for DIP

DIP and multimedia environments, as it is evolving,  entails cooperation
across corporate, educational and international boundaries. Thus
preference will be given to papers that promote sharing of theory,
techniques and experiences. Also papers that reflect a spirit of
cooperation among multiple sources are encouraged. Authors are requested
to submit three copies of their manuscripts to one of the Guest Editors listed


15th January 1997       Completed manuscript due for peer review. 
15th March 1997         Acceptance notification. 
15th June  1997         Final paper due. 
3rd Quarter 1997        Publication of issue. 

                        Guest Editors

Dr R B Johnson, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Room 0.15, Queens Building, University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TR, U.K.,
(tel: +44 117 928 9000 x 3312; fax: +44 117 9255265;
EMail: r.b.johnson@bristol.ac.uk)

Dr T Tan, Faculty of Science, Department of
Computer Science, University of Reading, PO Box 225, Whitenight,
Reading RG6 6AY, U.K.,
(tel: +44 1734 318610; fax: +44 1734 751994,
EMail: t.tan@rdg.ac.uk).

Prof. A C Downton
Department of Electronic Systems Engineering
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Essex CO4 3SQ
(tel: +44 1206 872910; fax: +44 1206 872900,
EMail: acd@essex.ac.uk)
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