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Rare books

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AREA: History
MONTH: November
SUBJECT: Special Offer

National Library in Madrid. 84 pp. Single edition: 980 copies. Because
the missionaries of the early 16th century learned the relevant
indigenous languages, dance became a principal didactic resource. Later,
Franciscan missionaries gave enormous importance to what we would today
call audio-visual methods, employing pictographic materials for the
learning and memorization of Christian doctrine. The fundamental
inspiration for this pictographs can be found in Pre-columbian codices
with which the most accomplished missionaries were familiar. They
employed these images with enormous creativity. Those who drew these
small works of art, known as tlacuilos, did their work on cloth paper
using a vast range of colors. Faithful reproduction has proved essential
in the interpretation of the symbols and figures contained in these
pieces (1525-1528). Leather cover and handmade gold locking.
Complementary volume: study by Justino Costes Castellanos. 152 pp. Hard
Price: 88,000 Spain Pts.(Aprox. US $704). More information, at:
http://www.cyberspain.com/shop/index.htm (Facsimile Books, section)

This very rare book is a facsimile reproduction of sketches made by
Goya, -the world wide well-known painter-, during a trip he made to
Italy some time before he became famous at the Spanish court. Some of
the notes became masterpieces later. A delicious notebook for people
enjoying both books and painting.
Price: 16,486 Spain Pts. (Aprox.US $132). More information at:
http://www.cyberspain.com/shop/index.htm (Facsimile Books, section)
Muchas Gracias!
Javier Carballo

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