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Re: I'm confused.....

From: Jim Meritt <jmeritt@smtpinet.aspensys.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 10:03:50 EST
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To: www-talk@w3.org
Cc: claudio.nieder@aps.ch
Unfortunately (fortunately?) I was watching the log at the time of the connect 
attempt and it appeared human-timing immediate (people are not rigged very well 
for microseconds...)  I had the guy trying on the telephone at the time he 
tried, so I could see the logs when he said "clicked".

Oh well....  Anyone else?


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Subject: I'm confused.....
Author:  www-talk@w3.org at SMTPINET
Date:    4/12/96 9:35 AM

>      I have an NCSA httpd server running on a particular system.  There is 
>      a PC that (using Netscape) can't access that server.  It can gopher 
>      there, telnet there, and even ping there so it can physically get to 
>       ...
>      it.  While watching the logs during an attempt it logs the "GET" 
>      command, but after that nothing.  And the guy on the PC says

If the time of log entry is about 10-15 minutes after the moment the
user requested the page, then you might have run into this problem,
which I had some days ago. It was quite puzzling until I discovered the
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