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Re: FAQs and Facts: making www-html really useful

From: Walter Ian Kaye <boo@best.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 01:47:51 -0700
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At 11:50p 04/05/96, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>[I just spent 20 mintues writing a response about transclusion links,
><INSERT>, <EMBED>, and <a rel="embed">..</a>, but then my telnet
>client GPF'd and it went in the bit bucket... where's vi and crash
>recovery when you need it?]

Time to get a keystroke saver! I know of two for the MacOS; there must be
at least as many for Windows, but I only know the names of the Mac ones
("Last Resort" from Working Software [I think] and Thunder 7, previously
from Baseline but now transferred to Casady & Greene under the name "Spell

>I don't think it's unreasonable to expect folks to do the following
>before posting to www-talk or www-html:
>   (1) read the FAQ (see http://www.boutell.com/ There
>      should be a mirror on www.w3.org, but I don't think
>      there is :-( )
>   (2) search the archives (see: http://www.eit.com/)
>   (3) read the abstracts of the published drafts, and
>   completely read those drafts relavent to the question.
>   (4) Consult vendor documentation (MS, NCSA, Netscape, ...)

May I repost this (with "relevant" spelled right;) on my web site? :)

>Another idea would be to have a "Required reading" document on
>www.w3.org that has a "password" that changes every month or so.
>You'd have to at _least_ visit the required reading document once
>a month to get the password, and anybody with any scruples would
>actually _do_ the reading.
>Whaddya think?

I think people should be licensed to publish web pages! LOL


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