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WebCompare 4.1 is out

From: Paul Hoffman, Editor <editors@proper.com>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 15:40:43 -0800
Message-Id: <v03005b01ad84c68c12af@[]>
To: (Server authors)
Greetings. The WebCompare servers feature chart version 4.1 is now
available at <http://www.webcompare.com/server-main.html>. New in this

Five new features were added to the chart:
- Has built-in scripting language
- Supports byte-range retrieval
- Supports PCT
- Has a support mailing list
- Pricing text

A few new servers were added:
- Netscape renamed their two servers and changed the feature set. These are
in open beta, so they're listed here.
- Webware Web servers for NetWare are back on the chart after a short absence.
- Commerce Builder, a commercial package for Windows NT and Windows 95 that
comes with lots of support software, is also back.
- NaviServer has become GNNServer and is now free.
- W4-Server, a new shareware Windows NT and Windows 95 server that comes
with source code.

The browsers chart is still getting almost no response from Web browser
companies, and I'll probably shut it down in a month unless the folks who
make browsers submit information about the features they support. It's a
sad statement on the Web that no one takes Web browser features other than
HTML seriously....
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