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UCLA Short Course on "Establishing a Web Presence"

From: Goodin, Bill <BGoodin@UNEX.UCLA.EDU>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 95 17:20:00 PDT
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On March 27-29, 1996, UCLA Extension will present the short course,
"Establishing a Web Presence: Server, Content, and Connectivity", on the
UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

The instructors are:
o   Laurence I. Press, PhD, Professor and Chairman, Computer Information
           Systems Department, California State University, Dominguez Hills; 

o   Bruce Chapman, PhD, Member Technical Staff, Jet Propulsion Laboratory;
o   Robert B. Denny, WebSite Developer;
o   Victor B. Taylor, MSEE, Member Technical Staff, Jet Propulsion 

Each participant receives a 60-day trial version of "WebSite" (O'Reilly and
Associates); a discount on the purchase of the full version of "WebSite";
and extensive lecture notes.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is a rapidly expanding and popular
Internet technology.  Universities, government agencies, small and
large companies, and even individuals are taking advantage of the
Web's many benefits.  These include advertising and selling products
and services, communicating within organizations (distributing information
and collaborating) and with customers and suppliers, as well as providing
an array of information services such as weather maps, sports statistics,
and corporate literature.

This course describes how the WWW can help you and your organization,
and how to design your own Web server.  It covers HTML basics; design
tips; server security, installation, and management; clickable bitmaps;
CGI/forms programming, connectivity and hardware, data types (audio,
MPEG, images), and future issues (Java, VRML, wireless connectivity, etc.).

Three half-day hands-on computer laboratories allow participants to create
Web pages, work with clickable image maps and CGI/forms programming,
and install and configure a Web server.

The course should enable participants to:

o    Become more familiar with the World Wide Web and its
opportunities for organizations;
o    Learn the basics of HTML markup;
o    Design and build a home page;
o    Learn more advanced features of Web home pages including
clickable bitmaps and CGI programming;
o    Install a Web server;
o    Be able to evaluate connectivity choices such as disk and
memory requirements; phone lines and service providers;
o    Glimpse the future of the WWW, including Java and VRML.

The course fee is $1295, which includes course materials.

For additional information and a complete course description, please
contact Marcus Hennessy at:

(310) 825-1047
(310) 206-2815   fax
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