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WORKSHOP: Information Visualization and Manipulation

From: Russell Turner <turner@cs.umbc.edu>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 1995 18:42:42 -0400
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                    Call for Papers

              Workshop on New Paradigms in
       Information Visualization and Manipulation

        December 2, 1995--- Baltimore, Maryland

       In Conjunction with the ACM Conference on

     Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'95)
             November 28--December 2, 1995

  The CIKM  '95 Workshop  on New  Paradigms in Informa-
tion Visualization  and  Manipulation will  be  a forum
for  presentation  and  discussion  of  new  ideas  and
techniques for accessing,  visualizing and manipulating
information.    Topics  of  interest include,   but are
not restricted  to:   applications of  virtual reality,
including VRML; shared  virtual environments  and simu-
lations; dynamic  data visualization;  visualization of
multidimensional information  spaces;  visualization of
large, dynamic information collections; applications of
Internet tools such as  MUDs, MOOs,  and IRCs; document
and corpus  metrics; multi-modal  information displays;
software and  hardware  architectures  to  support  in-
formation  visualization;  and  social  interaction  in
multi-user information visualization  systems.   We are
particularly interested in reports of work in progress,
implementation  techniques,  and  practical  experience
with visualization  of information  collections  of all
sizes.   A significant  portion of  the workshop agenda
will be  devoted  to  discussion  of  pending  research
questions, and directions for future work in this area.
  Prospective   participants  are   invited   (but  not
required) to  submit position  papers.    The suggested
maximum length is four pages.  The position papers will
be reviewed by  the organizing committee,  and accepted
papers will appear in  the workshop proceedings.   Some
of the accepted  papers will  be selected  for informal
presentation at  the workshop.    Accepted  papers that
were submitted electronically will be available via WWW
by early November.    Authors of  those position papers
found to be especially interesting  or important may be
invited to prepare  expanded versions  of those papers,
which will then be submitted  for publication in a book
or an appropriate journal.
  Mail papers  in either  Postscript, ASCII  or HTML to
turner@cs.umbc.edu by  October  15,  1995.    We prefer
e-mail submissions, but authors  who lack e-mail access
may send papers to  Dr.  Russell  Turner, Department of
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University
of Maryland Baltimore County,  Baltimore, MD 21228-5398
USA. Submissions should  include the  title, author(s),
author's affiliation,  e-mail address,  fax  number and
postal  address.      In  case   of  multiple  authors,
please  indicate  which   author  is   responsible  for
  For  more  information  on  the  CIKM 95  conference,
call (410)455-2336,  -1074  fax,  or see  our  Web page

                    Important Dates

 Position paper submission deadline:  October 15, 1995
 Notification of acceptance:          November 3, 1995
 Workshop date:                       December 2, 1995

Charles Nicholas          CSEE Department, UMBC
410-455-2594, -3969 fax   http://ruff.cs.umbc.edu:1080/

Russell Turner                           e-mail: turner@cs.umbc.edu
Computer Science Department                 tel: 01/410-455-3965
University of Maryland, Baltimore County    fax: 01/410-455-3969
5401 Wilkens Avenue                         www: http://www.cs.umbc.edu/~turner
Baltimore, MD 21228-5398 USA
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