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Re: server redirects by client domain

From: Darren New <dnew@sgf.fv.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 14:28:03 +0000
To: Shel Kaphan <sjk@amazon.com>
Cc: David Robinson <drtr1@cus.cam.ac.uk>, martin@mrrl.lut.ac.uk, www-talk@w3.org
Message-Id: <Pine.3.89.9512201452.A2589-0100000@sgf.fv.com>
> I'm going to float this idea because I thought of it, not necessarily
> because I have thought it through  . . . wouldn't this be the kind of
> thing it would be nice if DNS could do for you? 

I think it would be nice if the DNS has a domain that maps IP addresses 
to lat/long pairs. Then you could see who is close, what taxes you need 
where, and so on.  I would think you'd want it similar to the 
in-addr.arpa domain.    --Darren
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