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(short version) About the Net *we* want.

From: CIP 90 <srbosque@faui01.informatik.uni-erlangen.de>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 15:55:48 +0100
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oh yeah, I must admit that my last message was *too* long. But anyway, it
only confirms one of my humble opinions: it's impossible or really hard to
*communicate* some kind of ideas using only electronic services. Do you
agree with me? No?? Fine!, just let me know *your* opinions, that's the
only thing I'm looking for (no flame wars, please).

[hint: Maybe you could in your spare time print a hardcopy (on _paper_) of
my huge message, try to read it through (like a news_paper_ article) and
think just a little bit about it. It's just a hint, of course]

[If you have even more spare time to help this humble catalan student on
the appendix of his thesis, you can visit his homepage or finger his IP
address too if you wish:

$ finger -l srbosque@cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de

There you'll find another funny vision (funny??, oh well, this is up to you
of course) of what the Internet in my humble opinion is or should be.

Thanks again and sorry for any inconvenience.
- --
Salvador Bosque i Puy                    <Salva.Bosque@stud.uni-erlangen.de>
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