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Johnson-Grace Compression Technology

From: Publishers Program <TechSupport@jgc.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 09:49:53 -0800
To: TechSupport@jgc.com
Message-Id: <95Nov9.130946pst.21782@mail.jgc.com>

I saw your address on a web page recently, and thought that you might be
interested in our new image and speech compression.  Our "ART" compression
produces files that average 3 times smaller than GIFs and JPEGs.  We have a
plug-in for Netscape 2.0 coming out, and we're already built into the AOL,
GNN, Teachersoft and Frontier browsers.  If you're interested, please check
out our web site for free trial software.

Geoff LeBlond
Vice President, Licensing
Johnson-Grace Company
(714)759-0700 voice, (714)729-4643 fax 
web site:  http://www.jgc.com
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