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RE: VALUES: Let them Adjust

From: <metze@vmetze.mrl.uiuc.edu>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 17:10:39 CST
To: immedia@netwest.com
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> I'm opposed to any system that requires any effort on the part of the
> content-providers to "label" or "classify" their material.
> People should not be required to attach other peoples value judgements to
> their own expressions.  This is just another way of saying, "BE INHIBITED",

	Yes, it sure is.  I hope you didn't vote Republican.

	There has been a massive anti-liberal, conservative-in-name-only
	movement in this country which has been out to deregulate
	business so they can make billions and enrich hundreds, while
	at the same time interfering in the personal lives and
	making value judgements on behalf of the great mass of people.

	These so-called conservatives, who unlike past true conservatives,
	do not believe in civil liberties, but believe in censorship
	and letting businesses sue people critical of their products,
	are trying to censor everything on a wide scale, and are trying
	to erode all sorts of civil liberties, freedom of speech, etc.

	These people call themselves conservative.  They are radical
	extreme right wingers who CALL themselves center in order to
	try to make liberals look extreme and limit the parameters of

	Now we have Dole criticizing DISNEY, of all places, for not
	being namby pamby ENOUGH.  

	The answer to all of this is at the polls.  Vote Democratic.
	They are conservative, too, but they still believe in the
	Bill of Rights.

	Now, I feel better.  :-)


> What you think of my http server is *your* business, and is subjective.
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