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RE: Rating Systems

From: Christopher B. Rechtsteiner <chris@cgs-ltd.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 14:19 CDT
Message-Id: <m0sQgAx-000BfrC@eagle.ais.net>
To: www-talk@www10.w3.org

As a new follower to this thread, might I throw out that we, perish this
thought, use our own judgement on what pages are acceptable?  The ratings of
pages (for adult content, etc.) is basically a safety catch for everyone who
is too irresponsible to determine what is appropriate material.  No one is
forcing anyone to Playboy's site, or Penthouse's etc.  They are there
because there is an audience just like there is an audience at the newsstand.

Heaven forbit we should all need someone to watch out for us.  In Europe
(and basically outside of the US) noone expects anyone to watch-out for
them.  It is only in the lawyer happy US where this would start - and end -
destroying the whole net in the process.

Just my $.02


(These opinions are not necessarily those of my employer - any other
affiliates I may currently have).
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