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Re: Kid Code

From: Darren New <dnew@sgf.fv.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 11:59:56 +0100
To: James C Deikun <jcdst10+@pitt.edu>
Cc: Urb LeJeune <lejeune@acy.digex.net>, www-talk@www10.w3.org, rating@junction.net
Message-Id: <Pine.3.89.9506261143.A1992-0100000@sgf.fv.com>
> > > All the broken links don't count as a price?
> > Nope.  No broken links necessary.  That's what redirects are for.
> And that overhead isn't a price?

Not as much as querying alternate servers for SOAPs, redirecting thru 
proxies, etc etc etc.  Besides, HTTP is supposed to remember the 
permanent redirects and therefore have only one extra connection per URL, 
isn't it?  :-)

> Laws are written specific to voice telephone networks or broadcast TV or 
> cable TV.  Those are particular technologies.  Heck, think of the laws 
> and international treaties regarding allocation of bands in the 
> electromagnetic spectrum.

But then you're saying "laws are written specific to the InterNet" and 
that means that the laws are going to apply to KidCode or any other 
rating system.

> Senators don't even need to write such a law--they can write a law to 
> form a committee which WILL regulate in terms of particular 
> technologies.  Or they'll delegate the authority to the FCC, which does 
> get very much into the nitty-gritty types of things.

But it's all going to be words somewhere, and so far nobody has written 
any words that explains what they're worried about. Whether the FCC does 
it or a committee or the senate itself, there's still going to be a 
ruling or statute somewhere, and nobody has offered one.
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