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Labeling in the news

From: Carl M. Kadie <kadie@eff.org>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 16:12:44 -0400
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[Summaries of recent news reports about labeling and rating. - Carl]

=== 1 ===
The American Medical Association has called for a "mandatory rating
system" for music. Dr. John Nelson, a AMA Trustee, said that they are
not asking for a kind of censorship because "we didn't say you
couldn't produce it.  We didn't say you couldn't buy it." [AP Jun 21,

=== 2 ===
In Britain the video game "Campaign II" is rated "suitable for all
ages". Germany's rating board determined it is "unsuitable for anyone
under 16". 'The Germans, some software-games company officials say,
don't like the site of blood. Too much skin, on the other hand, is
more likely to offend the British than the French.'  'National
cultural mores may make the development of European-wide standards
impossible [...]'  [Wall Street Journal Jun 20 (19th?) 1995]

=== 3 ===
Wal-Mart Stores will no longer sell unrated computer games. [I think
they stopped selling any music labeled "Explicit Lyrics" several years
ago. -Carl] [Wall Street Journal Jun 20 (19th?) 1995]
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