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From: Mike Doyle <miked@eolas.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:14:59 -0700
Message-Id: <199508212007.NAA14807@netcom10.netcom.com>
To: pei@gnn.com
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We've had this discussion before (last September, remember?).  You admitted
then that you did NOT release or publish anything like this before the Eolas

>> 8/21/95  CHICAGO:  Eolas Technologies Inc. announced today that it has
>> completed a licensing agreement with the University of California for the
>> exclusive rights to a pending patent covering the use of embedded program
>> objects, or "applets," within World Wide Web documents.
>> Also covered is the use of any algorithm which implements dynamic
>> bi-directional communications between Web browsers and external applications.
>I sincerely hope this patent isn't going to stick, for the good of 
>the web as a whole...
>And for the record, I just want to point out that the 
>  ``technology which enabled Web documents to contain fully-interactive
>    "inline" program objects''
>was existing in ViolaWWW and was *released* to the public, and in full
>source code form, even back in 1993... Actual conceptualization and 
>existence occured before '93.
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