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Re: test of new Location header usage

From: Rob Hartill <hartill@ooo.lanl.gov>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 95 9:43:25 MDT
Message-Id: <199508091543.AA141193005@ooo.lanl.gov>
To: andrew_mcrae@harvard.edu
Cc: lilley@afs.mcc.ac.uk, www-talk@w3.org
> The spec does not say anything about the issue at hand: what a server
> should do when given both a Location: and a Status: header by a CGI
> program. 

it should do as the user (CGI) asks...

Apache passes CGI script output on to clients unmolested, and fills
in the gaps if the CGI "forgets" anything important.

See http://www.apache.org/ for more on Apache.

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