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Re: Web Apps -- requirements for installation and management

From: Marcos Caceres <marcosc@opera.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 19:02:02 +0000
Message-ID: <4D51932A.4060105@opera.com>
To: Karl Dubost <karld@opera.com>, Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@w3.org>
CC: TAG List <www-tag@w3.org>, nathan@webr3.org
Hi Tim, Karl,

On 2/8/11 6:45 PM, Karl Dubost wrote:
> It would be interesting to take your list and see what's missing
> right now and what has already been implemented. For examples things
> like auto-updates are already possible. [4]

I can summarize that... :)

 > Le 8 févr. 2011 à 13:24, Tim Berners-Lee a écrit :
>  Express trust in a source of of software
> - Install software from a trusted source or sources, recursively loading dependencies (like debian packaging etc)
> - Have on my machine > 1 version of the same library if needed by different apps
> - Be able to allocate to an app:
> 	-- Program storage
> 	-- Data storage

Widget API already covers this using Storage interface.
Could be enhanced with File API.

> 	-- Runtime memory *
> 	-- CPU cycles in the background *
> 	-- Network bandwidth *
>  		* maybe unlimited by default but tracked

This is runtime specific/implementation detail, but easy to do. Browsers 
already show you some of these statistic.

> 	-- Access to data common to several apps

File API.

> 	-- Access to Private data

Widget Preferences:

> 	-- Devices, location, camera, microphone, etc

DAP WG, Geolocation WG... of of which can be used by Widgets.

> - Be able to see which apps are responsible for using
>   how much of the above resources, or specifically dominating
>   the use of them.  (Eg GrandPerspective on Mac, but same for network bandwidth
>  through my machine or my house)

Implementation detail.

>  Good user interfaces for these things will be necessary
>  to cope with apps (or libraries) using too much resource accidentally
> or maliciously.

As above.

> - Be able to group apps and associate them with tasks or types of activity
>  so that I can see which things which I like to do will suffer if I reclaim

As above.

> - Be able to upgrade apps automatically or manually

Covered by Widget Updates (already in use by Opera Extensions)

> Note the above "apps" and "libraries" should be taken very broadly
> and include media, whether used in an app or a web page or
> just a downloaded movie.

Already covered by W3C Widgets.

> Also it could include things like persistent caches of DTDs Ontologies
> and registry entries such as Internet Content Type registries.

Partially covered by the "type" attribute in widgets:

We have not had a need for tracking content types because browsers are 
pretty good at sniffing.

> It should include the ability to download a part of a web site like a magazine
> (as you can in HTML5).

Easy. Already covered by WARP (Widget Access Request Policy):

Kind regards,

Marcos Caceres
Opera Software
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