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RE: Rule of Least Power

From: Bullard, Claude L \(Len\) <len.bullard@intergraph.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 09:49:12 -0600
Message-ID: <15725CF6AFE2F34DB8A5B4770B7334EE0BB1FF41@hq1.ingr-corp.com>
To: "Roy T. Fielding" <fielding@gbiv.com>
Cc: "W3C TAG" <www-tag@w3.org>

I understand that aspect perfectly, Roy.  
I think you ignore that subjective systems 
can be globally stable but create local instabilities.

As a context, the web is global.  As a rule, RLP is 
second-order friendly (a subjective or observer-based 
cybernetic system).  So far so good, but applying that 
rule locally can create instabilities.

The trick is to tune it, Roy.  See PID controls.

The business intelligence guys are way out front 
on this one.


From: www-tag-request@w3.org [mailto:www-tag-request@w3.org]On Behalf Of
Roy T. Fielding

Len, I think your analysis completely ignores the effect of time
and independent evolvability of components in a multi-organizational
system like the Web.

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