TAG Position for
Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing

Outline - Preliminary

Noah Mendelsohn
- for the W3C Technical Architecture Group -

This draft: 18 December 2006


The W3C is planning to hold a Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing in Bedford, MA USA on 27-28 February, 2006. At its face to face meeting of 11 December 2006, the TAG agreed that Noah Mendelsohn would represent the TAG at the workshop, and that he with help from David Orchard would draft an outline of a position paper to be submitted by the TAG to that workshop. This note contains the first draft of that outline (not yet reviewed by Mr. Orchard).

Outline of TAG Submission to Web of Services Workshop (Draft)

The following sections are intended as an outline of the position paper that will be submitted on behalf of the TAG to the Web of Services workshop.


I normally open a presentation like this with a quick summary of what's to come. In this case, I propose:

The following sections give a bit more detail on what would be covered on each of the points above. Please keep in mind this is very preliminary: comments are most welcome.

The TAG: Who are we? Why do we care about WS Architecture?

This section is in part to review our role for those W3C members who aren't clear, but especially to bring up to speed non-W3C members who may be attending the workshop.

History of TAG's work on WS-related issues

Technology issue and use case: uniform identification

Technology issue and use cases: uniform interaction


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