Some Thoughts on Tag Directions

Noah Mendelsohn
June 3, 2005


Our main subject for the upcoming face to face meeting is "TAG Directions". Tim set down some ideas in the note at [1]; here are some of my thoughts.

As Tim suggests, we should give serious consideration to documenting the architectural underpinnings of the Semantic Web, and perhaps of Web Services as well. I do think it's also useful to step back and take a bit broader look at our goals. IMO, our overall goal should be to maximize the success of the Web over the next 3-5 years and beyond, and we should set our priorities accordingly.

Specifically, we should consider:

Some more details on these are provided below. I propose that we invest in these three areas, aiming for the balance that will best contribute to the overall impact of the Web in coming years.

The Form of Our Work Product

Last year we published AWWW Volume 1. Rather than assuming that our new work should be a volume 2, I suggest that we first set an agenda regarding technology and content. We can then decide whether to republish volume 1, establish a volume 2, focus mainly on findings, or whatever will be the right vehicles to carry our new messages.

If we do have additional volumes of AWWW, then I think they should be organized by topic rather than chronologically. We should give Volume 1 a subtitle (perhaps "Identification, Protocols, and Interaction") and make sure that Vol. 2 covers something clearly distinct. We can rearrange content from a republished volume 1 into volume 2 if necessary to create a sensible structure.

Bottom line: my thinking on how to split volumes is still pretty murky, but I'd lean toward doing it thematically, and giving ourselves license to republish or rearrange Vol 1 if useful.

Details of the 3 Themes Listed Above

That's the big outline from my point of view. Here are some notes on the three themes mentioned above.


Those are some of the ideas I've been kicking around. The big theme is: figure out what's going to be important to make the Web successful over 5 to 10 years, then let the form and content of our publications follow from that.