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ws-addr overview for joint meeting with TAG slides

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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 14:44:45 -0000
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slides for this morning's presentation:
WS-Addressing Overview
Joint W3C Meeting between WSAddressing WG and the TAG February 2005
<Web Services Addressing provides transport-neutral 
mechanisms to address Web services and messages.>
    - `Email' for Web Services 
    ­ From 
    ­ Reply-To 
    ­ Correlation 
    ­ Cookies 
    ­ Other 'stuff'
*Two Specifications
    - WS-MessageDelivery
       Oracle, Arjuna, Cyclone, Enigmatec, 
       IONA, Nokia, seeBeyond and Sun 
    - WS-Addressing
       BEA, IBM, Microsoft and Sun 
    - Fundamental building block to many other specs
    - Core specification 
    - Bindings for SOAP 1.1, 1.2 
    - Bindings for WSDL 1.1, 2.0 
    - Test suite 
    - 4 Working implementations for CR
    - aggressive schedule

*Addressing Infoset
    <wsa:MessageID> xs:anyURI </wsa:MessageID> 
    <wsa:RelatesTo RelationshipType="..."?> xs:anyURI</wsa:RelatesTo> 
*Endpoint Reference (EPR)
    - From, ReplyTo, FaultTo: 
      Address (IRI) 
      Reference Properties 
      Service Interface 
      Service Endpoint 
*Architectural Issues
    - Comparison of EPRs: 
    <This specification provides no concept of endpoint identity 
    and therefore does not provide any mechanism to determine equality 
    or inequality of EPRs and does not specify the consequences of 
    their equality or inequality. However, note that it is possible 
    for other specifications to provide a comparison function that is 
    applicable within a limited scope.>
    - Multiple Transports 
    - Logical (v) Physical Address 
    - Dependencies on other specifications

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