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RE: Information resources?

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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 10:08:19 +0300
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> ... Wordnet
> (as currently published at http://xmlns.com/wordnet/1.6/) is one of
> the few vocabularies with this problem; I expect to motivate DanBri
> to fix it soon.  

The approach presented in my separate posting:

Here is a concrete example of how one can use URIs to denote
a physical object, a web page describing that physical object,
and some representations, such that all of these resources
are "web resources" (i.e. have web accessible representations):

http://example.com/someDog               physical resource (dog)
http://example.com/someDog/index         abstract resource (web page)
http://example.com/someDog/index.html    representation
http://example.com/someDog/index.txt     representation
http://example.com/someDog/index.jpg     representation

could also be used to solve the "14 MB representation" problem
with Wordnet schemas, by distinguishing between the terms
and their representations in a consistent hierarchical fashion.

http://.../wordnet                  the entire wordnet ontology
http://.../wordnet/index            the schema for the entire ontology
http://.../wordnet/index.html       HTML representation of above schema
http://.../wordnet/index.rdf        RDF representation of above schema
http://.../wordnet/X                class X of wordnet
http://.../wordnet/X/index          schema for class X
http://.../wordnet/X/index.html     HTML representation of above schema
http://.../wordnet/X/index.rdf      RDF representation of above schema
http://.../wordnet/X/Y              class Y (subclass of X)
http://.../wordnet/X/Y/index        schema for class X
http://.../wordnet/X/Y/index.html   HTML representation of above schema
http://.../wordnet/X/Y/index.rdf    RDF representation of above schema


And employ redirections/rewriting/conneg/etc. to serve
representations of these resources efficiently -- so that
when one asks for a representation of some terminal class,
e.g. http://.../wordnet/X/Y/Z/a/b/c, one does not get the 
whole enchilada, a representation of the entire ontology,
or some major top level class, but only that which is 
relevant to that particular, exact resource.

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