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Is metadata of a Resource a separate Resource? (Was: [RDFinXHTML-35] Pointers for this issue)

From: Seth Ladd <seth@brivo.net>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 21:31:35 -0500
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Dave Beckett wrote:
| This seems related to the work RDF Core has done in the current last
| call RDF/XML Syntax WD:
|   Using RDF/XML with HTML and XHTML

How does this approach allow me to give RDF for the resource itself?  If
I use this tactic, then I have two URIs and therefor two resources.  One
URI for the original resource, and one for the metadata (mentioned in
the <link>).  That's fine if I want to relate one resource to some other
resource.  But if I want to say "Here, you've just received the XHTML
representation of this resource, but if you want the metadata about this
resource, here it is".  I would assume that content negotiation would
accomplish this.  But as we all know, I can't really do content
negotiation w/ <link>.

So, my question is: how do I say, in an XHTML document, RDF statements
about the resource that the XHTML document is a representation of?
Using <link> creates another URI, and therefor, possibly another resource.

I'm fine with either interpretation:
~  - <link> and another URI just points to another representation of the
same resource, whose original representation was XHTML
~  - <link> and another URI points to another whole resource, which /is/
is the metadata of the original URI and resource.

I'm just curious how the TAG interprets this issue.  Maybe a better way
to phrase it is "Is metadata of a Resource a separate Resource?"

Thanks very much,
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