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Re: Site metadata; my preference

From: Miles Sabin <miles@milessabin.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 19:35:50 +0000
To: www-tag@w3.org
Message-Id: <200302121935.50902.miles@milessabin.com>

Mark Baker wrote,
> I don't like GET+Meta because I feel it violates a good practice
> suggestion of Webarch;
>   "Consistent representations: It is confusing and costly when, for a
>    given URI, representations vary in unpredictable ways."
>     -- http://www.w3.org/TR/webarch/#pr-rep-ambiguity

I don't think it does violate that principle: the representations vary 
in an entirely predictable way as a result of cooperation between the 
client and server. As far as representations go, this isn't 
significantly different from vanilla content negotiation.

> And moreover, if representations were to vary in the way that
> GET+Meta requires, that suggests to me that we're dealing with two
> resources, not one.  Hence my preference for the response header
> solution, which uses two URIs.

We _are_ talking about two resources ... that's the whole point. The 
Meta: request header and Meta-Location: response header are acting as 
disambiguators: between a resource and a related metadata resource.


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