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RE: webarch version number

From: Bullard, Claude L (Len) <clbullar@ingr.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 09:51:47 -0600
Message-ID: <15725CF6AFE2F34DB8A5B4770B7334EE03F9F012@hq1.pcmail.ingr.com>
To: "'Williams, Stuart'" <skw@hp.com>
Cc: www-tag@w3.org

<humor style="Bad Taste">
One apostle is selling his hybrid car for thirty 
composites to play a new video game, one is 
convincing the Feds that he really ISN'T 
a member of the TAG, and the last one is 
still trying to navigate the Big Dig from 
Logan to MIT and has been since 2000.

The thirteenth is a woman but she will be 
dropped from the official texts as her 
role will be rewritten to that of a tech writer 
when the Council meets to declare which parts 
of it are apocryphal and which are gospel.

HTTP-14 will be heresy, of course, because 
at the last call, God joined the list and
declared Names, Locations and Identifiers 
to be truly separate concepts.  When asked 
what a resource is, She smiled and said 
"That IS a Mystery."

HTML and the syntax of URLs, of course, have 
not changed, so the web is much as it was  
when the Gospels According To were released in their 
first edition some 31 editions ago.  Now that 
patent IP is reckoned by Google numbers, the 
world banking institutions are all owned by 
Larry and Sergey's decendants who still insist that the 
algorithms are proprietary, so are now also, 
state secrets.  Blocking Google is an international 
crime but the Freedom From Phrase Purchasing 
resistance consortium has seven new corporate members 
according to their rogue agentPortal which the 
GoogleAgent is still chasing in the last episode 
of the ever popular webcast reality show, my:Spy.

We are all dead in this future except for Paul 
Cotton who by virtue of the Microsoft IP policies 
isn't allowed to die because he is licensed 
under RAND terms and MS hasn't given away 
anything else since, so he has to keep serving 
and Berners-Lee did approve the exception 150 
years ago.  MS is the world's largest maker  
of pocket surge protectors since InfoSys won the global 
election for the next 2 day term to design the 
new Edition of the SecureEarthOPS due to be 
released in 30 minutes, but over schedule 
as always.

A virtual reality representation now is used  
to keep TimBL's RDF-enabled artificial personality 
from scaring the locals but since there 
is as yet no accepted standard for inductive 
GUIs, only five platforms in the world can 
render him.  His text/xml messages 
remind all that the semantic web is 
the future and all are comforted to know he is 
still there working on it.

Gates and Ellison are in cacheHell on the 
justiceServer, BTW, with Scott McNealy and 
Steve Jobs for middleware Tormentors  

As to Carly Fiorina, see Verse 3.


From: Williams, Stuart [mailto:skw@hp.com]

But there are just 9 of us and we are of the 2000-2003 vintage :-)

> From: Bullard, Claude L (Len) [mailto:clbullar@ingr.com]  
> Then call it "The Gospels According to Saints <insert tag 
> members here>"
> Such titles seldom get Last Call changes.

> From: Paul Cotton [mailto:pcotton@microsoft.com]
> I will concur with any numbering selected.  
> In fact I expect no matter what we choose we will get Last 
> Call comments to change it.
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