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Re: SVG 2 FPWD published

From: Robert Longson <longsonr@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 09:14:21 +0100
Message-ID: <CAOu7Uv6pyzd_DyXY_4mzTniSsHzh9DQPpND9y9G4exW9LGC7dQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-svg@w3.org

Nice to see progress! Here's some of the things I saw when reading
through the FPWD.

Should reference CSS2.1, not CSS2. It does in the first instance but
not the second.

Should we allow new CSS units such as turn in angles?

Doesn't css3-color now cover all SVG colour keywords? Just reference
that perhaps?


5.10.2 says xml:space is being dropped so the xmlspace interface
should change too shouldn't it?

Should xmllang be dropped in favour of using the html lang attribute?

SVG 1.1 indicated that GetPresentationAttribute was deprecated and may
be dropped. Isn't it time to bite the bullet?


What happens if you try to insert a string containing a space when the
string list is space separated?

What happens if you try to insert a string containing a comma when the
string list is comma separated?


SVGViewSpec is horrible and unimplemented everywhere can it be
rewritten or dropped?
	Is it live?
	Why does it have both elements and strings?

For SVG 2 is the version 2.0? We should say so if it is?

Does annotation 1 mean transform is ignored on outer <svg> elements?

Would prefer that what happens with display:none was undefined, or
stopped symbols working.
Doing this while having an efficient html implementation is hard. In
most cases rendering things with
display:none like markers is hard to do while integrating with html.
Would like to see all display:none
references removed. If you don't want to see something that would
normally render such as a path use <defs>.

Annotation 7: You can do this with a fragment identifier for SVG
images can't you?

Consider adding more of SMIL 3 switch to SVG switch e.g. allowReorder.

Could we have an improved definition of viewport? With examples?

Could forceRedraw, unsuspendRedraw and unsuspendRedrawAll be dropped
or deprecated and defined as no-ops.
Many UAs ignore them as they interfere with efficient rendering of content.

We're not adding SVG 1.2 tiny constrainted transforms?

Allow viewBox to be "none" per SVG 1.2 Tiny?

Should arc radius be number rather than non-negative number and then
implementation ignores sign as
appendix C suggests?

Doesn't say how underline or anything else works in non-trivial cases
e.g. individually positioned glyphs or textPaths

overflow auto should be hidden see

explain how overflow works on patterns or say it's undefined or does
nothing on patterns.

Could we not use html events where they match e.g. load rather than SVGLoad,
abort rather than SVGAbort, error rather than SVGError etc?

Is a cursor element really necessary given that cursors can be defined in css?

Is wallclock timing staying?

animateColor was deprecated in SVG 1.1 shouldn't it be removed from SVG 2?

Best regards

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