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RE: handling XLink deprecation

From: Rushforth, Peter <Peter.Rushforth@NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 16:07:04 +0000
To: Cameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au>, SVG public list <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <1CD55F04538DEA4F85F3ADF7745464AF1AE32E9A@S-BSC-MBX4.nrn.nrcan.gc.ca>

The problems of tying XML to a namespace-based web-unfriendly spec like xlink have become apparent to me recently.  So I proposed that simple hypermedia affordances, or the means to create them anyway, be built in to the XML core, and so inherited by any XML vocabulary (which wished to use them):

@xml:href, @xml:src, @xml:type, @xml:rel, @xml:hreflang, @xml:method and @xml:tref

Of course these attributes don't actually exist (yet), so are only notionally an option for some future iteration of SVG, but we have been discussing a proposal for these hypermedia components in the XML Hypermedia Community Group.

Please consider this an invitation to join the discussion there.


Peter Rushforth 

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> From: Cameron McCormack [mailto:cam@mcc.id.au] 
> Sent: August 21, 2012 00:46
> To: SVG public list
> Subject: handling XLink deprecation
> I am not sure if we have resolved exactly how we will handle 
> the XLink deprecation.  If we have, please feel free to 
> remind me what we decided. :)
> But I propose we:
> * remove xlink:actuate, xlink:type, xlink:role, xlink:arcrole 
> and xlink:title altogether
> * change xlink:href to href for: <a>, <altGlyph>, the 
> animation elements, <color-profile>, <filter>, 
> <font-face-uri>, <glyphRef>, gradient elements, <mpath>, 
> <pattern>, <textPath>, <tref> and <use>
> * change xlink:href to src for: <cursor>, <feImage>, <image> 
> and <script>
> * change xlink:show to target on <a>, and not allow it on any 
> other element
> * make the new attributes take precedence over the old ones, 
> in case both are specified
> And for the moment, until we decide what to do with our more 
> general DOM 
> improvements:
> * have the "href" IDL attributes reflect xlink:href or href or src as 
> appropriate (per the precedence rule above) as an SVGAnimatedLength
> * introduce an
>      attribute DOMString src;
> on the interfaces for <cursor>, <feImage>, <image> and 
> <script> and have 
> it just reflect the base value.
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