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feColorMatrix type="saturate"

From: David Dailey <ddailey@zoominternet.net>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 16:22:04 -0400
To: "'www-svg'" <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001f01cc7af7$9fae8ff0$df0bafd0$@net>
The spec says that for feColorMatrix and ' For type="saturate",
'values' is a single real number value (0 to 1).'


Opera, however seems to have come up with a very nice and intuitive
extension of the range outside those values --see


http://granite.sru.edu/~ddailey/svg/filter1b.svg -- FF, Chrome and Safari
don't attempt to render the last two images with my "goofy" values.


On the other hand, type="saturate" provides, on an intuitive, level a way of
saturating and desaturating an image (without having to rely on matrix


Values above 1.0 should, as Opera does, oversaturate the image. Values under
0 should reflect the chroma (but not the luminance? If I see what is going
on here).


Maybe something little and easy to consider for 2.0? A single valued
parameter that does the work of a whole matrix seems like an improvement for



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