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Feature request for SVG2 : stroke-position

From: Jeremie Patonnier <jeremie.patonnier@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 11:39:11 +0200
Message-ID: <CAEi838kDZKyRgp6-K=WXVLoMWo4ZgbspXyUrMOanp8Zd2SCX5g@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-svg <www-svg@w3.org>
Hello SVG WG,

I don't remember if there is plan for this, but I wonder if it would be
possible to have the following feature in SVG2 :

An new attribute named "stroke-position" that allow author to specify the
way stroke are positioned around a shape.
This new attribute could have the following values :

   - middle : the default value, it act as it is today
   - inside : the rendered stroke is fully inside the shape
   - outside : the rendered stroke is fully outside the shape
   - <value> : the middle of the stroke is moved by the <value> to
   be rendered. A positive value moved the stroke out of the shape where a
   negative value move the stroke into the shape

Here are some exemples with images to show the expect rendering (the black
line is for demonstration purpose only) :

<rect width="20" height="20" stroke="red" stroke-width="5"
stroke-position="middle" />
[image: stroke-position-middle.png]

<rect width="20" height="20" stroke="red" stroke-width="5"
stroke-position="inside" />
[image: stroke-position-inside.png]

<rect width="20" height="20" stroke="red" stroke-width="5"
stroke-position="outside" />
[image: stroke-position-outside.png]

<rect width="20" height="20" stroke="red" stroke-width="5"
stroke-position="1.5" />
[image: stroke-position-positive-1.5.png]

<rect width="20" height="20" stroke="red" stroke-width="5"
stroke-position="-1.5" />
[image: stroke-position-negative-1.5.png]

I know that there is a question when the shape is not closed (where is the
inside/outside of a line ?) In this case, it's possible to relay on the
fill-rule attribute to determine this.

Thanks :)
Web : http://jeremie.patonnier.net
Twitter : @JeremiePat <http://twitter.com/JeremiePat>

(image/png attachment: stroke-position-positive-1.5.png)

(image/png attachment: stroke-position-outside.png)

(image/png attachment: stroke-position-middle.png)

(image/png attachment: stroke-position-negative-1.5.png)

(image/png attachment: stroke-position-inside.png)

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