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Test updates for SVG

From: Patrick Dengler <patd@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 14:44:41 +0000
To: "www-svg@w3.org" <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <4A2DB3AE4504E944AF122BBFBA7FBA1F51469216@TK5EX14MBXC112.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
In general, as I go through these tests, it seems that well over 50% of the items that have not yet been accepted are broken or simply not there.  This should be of huge concern for delivering a quality spec.  I've listed the issues I ran into while working on the additional set I said I would get on my flights back. 

#-1 ) This is a key issue.  Why is it that struct-use-01-t.html shows non-italic text in the comparison image, and yet italic text in every browser except Opera, when it plainly says italic? 

<use y="260" xlink:href="#usedText" fill="#0F0" font-weight="bold" font-size="25" font-style="italic"/>

My understanding was that these images were being snapped from a vender neutral process.  Did I get that wrong?  

If not, I would like to have all of the .png's for tests that IE passes from IE.  Is that cool? I am sure I can get these quickly.

#0) Also, why do a lot of tests have a 

<font-face-uri xlink:href="../resources/SVGFreeSans.svg#ascii"/>

When the have nothing to do with SVGFont testing.  I think we may really need to hold off on these tests and get them in shape.

I highly recommend that you allow me to consult my test team, and for others to consult their test teams to see if we can come up with a consolidated, above the belt, concerted effort to get these to be correct and balanced

#1) I didn't touch svg-dom-over-01.svg because this is the one that Erik was going to modify that we just closed out this issues on. I didn't have the details of the resolution, so I was wondering if jwatt could do it.

#2) styling-pres-02-f.svg needs a .png AND notes that it "<p>This test depends on an implementation of CSSValue.</p>"; isn't CSSValue deprecated? If so we should remove this test or that dependency (I'm tired and on the plane so maybe I am not thinking straight)

#3) styling-pres-01-t.svg seems wrong. Someone needs to review this.

#4) not sure what styling-pres-css-09-f is supposed to be doing; there is no text

#5) struct-use-12-f needs an image

#6) struct-use-08-b has no text, description or pass criteria. 

#7) struct-use-06-b fails hilariously different in every browser

#8) struct-svg-02-f.svg does not seem to be complete, nor work.

#9) struct-image-12-b does not have any descriptive text, any has questions within the text of the test; and there is no related image.  

#10) struct-image-11-b.html : operator script, expected results and actual test do not match

#11) struct-dom-13 : doesn't pass in any browser, as far as I can tell, and has no PNG image.

#12) shapes-rect-03-t : states    "The test has passed if there is no red visible" but the comparing image has red visible.
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