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Re: type of feFunc*

From: Tavmjong Bah <tavmjong@free.fr>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 11:34:40 +0100
To: Dr.O.Hoffmann@gmx.de
Cc: www-svg@w3.org
Message-ID: <1291718080.1705.508.camel@LeChien>

Hello Olaf,

	I have been tasked with responding to your email of 13 Jun 2010
concerning the definition of the attribute type for the elements feFunc*
defined in:


(ISSUE-2338: http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/WG/track/issues/2338 ).

	My proposed rewording of this section follows. Please let me know if
this rewording is satisfactory (your original email is at the bottom).




type = "identity | table | discrete | linear | gamma"

Indicates the type of component transfer function. The type of
function determines the applicability of the other attributes.

In the following, C is the initial component, C' is the remapped
component; both in the closed interval [0, 1].

* For identity:

    C' = C

* For table, the function is defined by linear interpolation between
  values given in the attribute ‘tableValues’.  The table has n+1
  values (i.e., v_0 to v_n) specifying the start and end values for
  n evenly sized interpolation regions. Interpolations use the
  following formula:

    For a value C < 1 find k such that:

      k/n <= C < (k+1)/n

      The result C' is given by:

      C' = v_k + (C - k/n)*n * (v_k+1 - v_k)

    If C = 1 then C' = v_n.

* For discrete, the function is defined by the step function defined
  by attribute ‘tableValues’, which provides a list of n values (i.e.,
  v0 to v_n-1) in order to identify a step function consisting of n
  steps of the same width. The step function is defined by the
  following formula:

    For a value C < 1 find k such that:

      k/n <= C < (k+1)/n

      The result C' is given by:

      C' = vk

    If C = 1 then C' = v_n-1.

* For linear, the function is defined by the following linear equation:

    C' = slope * C + intercept

* For gamma, the function is defined by the following exponential

    C' = amplitude * pow(C, exponent) + offset


Original email:

Hello www-svg,

within the definition of the attribute type for the elements feFunc*
there seem to be some variables in the formulas undefined.

Is my interpretation correct, that C and C' correspond to the relative 
channel value the subelement represents? 
Between 0 and 1? Colors have to be transformed to this range?
C before, C' after transformation?
For example for feFuncR this means the relative value of the red

And what exactly is N?
My assumption is, that it is N = n. Is this correct?
At least the formulas for table and discrete look useful for 
C from the interval [0;1)
For C = 1 the formulas have the problem, 
that the v(n+1) for table does not exist and v(n) not for discrete.
k is one too large, there is a need to provide another formula for C=1
- something like: use formulas for [0;1) and v(n) for C=1 for table and
v(n-1) for C=1 for discrete. 
For the table type this is only a formal problem, because (C-k/N) = 0
anyway, whatever v(n+1) might be; the result is C' = v(n).
Nevertheless the formula should not contain the undefined v(n+1).
For the discrete type C'=v(n) for C=1 resulting in k=N is a problem,
because the v(i) are defined in such a way, that the last value is

Best wishes

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