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SVG 4 Redux: for mortals

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Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 16:32:16 +0100
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SVG 4 Redux: for mortals

A request that SVG 4 specification be more closely natural and easily  

one that is minimal to help create simple to use SVG authoring tools.

one in which the code copes naturally with human rather than expert  

As many will know I would like W3C standards  and SVG in particular  
to be designed by and for the masses*.


Jonathan Chetwynd
Accessibility Consultant on Media Literacy and the Internet

*from www-archive@w3.org

W3C membership to be partly chosen by random lot

Will W3C have the sense to follow where the UK's LibDem party leads?

"Britains first written constitution should be drafted by a  
convention whose membership has been partly chosen by random lot, the  
Liberal Democrats propose today."


no party political connection, just the LibDems are advocating a  
similar stance

talk to CETIS Accessibility SIG:

Putting the User at the Heart of the W3C process:
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