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Re: SVG 1.1 Erratum: solidColor?

From: Chris Lilley <chris@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 02:48:42 +0100
Message-ID: <132158686.20070224024842@w3.org>
To: "C. Scott Ananian" <cscott@cscott.net>
Cc: www-svg@w3.org

On Friday, February 23, 2007, 6:52:23 PM, C. wrote:

CSA> Section 13.1 of the SVG 1.1 (14 January       2003)
CSA> specification refers to a 'solidColor' element, which it claims
CSA> is described in section 12.

Its an error. It should have been removed.

CSA>   Section 11.1 also mentions that
CSA> "solid colors are just     specific types of paint servers" and
CSA> uses the same link target to section 12 for 'solid colors' as
CSA> section 13.1 does for 'solidColor'.

CSA> Section 12 does not describe a 'solidColor' element, and it is
CSA> not present in Appendix A's DTD. 

CSA> Google tells me that 'solidColor' was present in the 15 February
CSA> 2002 version of the SVG 1.1 spec, and was deleted because it was
CSA> to be moved to SVG 1.2 (and, indeed, it is present in the SVG 1.2
CSA> Tiny Candidate Recommendation). 

Thats right. And we missed the couple of references that you noted.

CSA>  It appears that the element was
CSA> incompletely deleted from the SVG  1.1 specification; in my
CSA> opinion sections 11.1 and 13.1 should be mentioned in the errata for the SVG 1.1 spec.
CSA>   --scott

They will be.

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