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Re: SVG Test Suite

From: Chris Lilley <chris@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 22:28:08 +0100
Message-ID: <1942707170.20070215222808@w3.org>
To: Andreas Neumann <neumann@karto.baug.ethz.ch>
Cc: Divick Kishore <divick.kishore@gmail.com>, www-svg@w3.org

On Thursday, February 15, 2007, 9:43:35 PM, Andreas wrote:

AN> Hello Divick,

>> Can you also point me to some SVG viewer which is W3C SVG 1.2 
>> compliant and is free and /or easy to buid?

AN> No, there isn't one availalble. Those are still under development. The
AN> closest one is probably Apache Batik. Its free and open source and 
AN> already implements some SVG 1.2 features. Opera 9 will follow then, 
AN> regarding completeness. But both aren't complete at all regarding SVG 1.2.

I suspect that the Ikivo and Bitflash implementations are much more
complete than either of the two that you mentioned, for SVGT 1.2.

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