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RE: [svg-developers] Re: Is w3c looking at svg 1.3-2.0?

From: Randy George <rkgeorge@cadmaps.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:42:05 -0600
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	On the imminent demise of Adobe's ASV option for IE/SVG

	I think open source, web services, and Microsoft all see declarative
XML vector capability as the future of GUI for both the browser and the OS.
Possibly it's the slow speed of the w3c schema process that contributes to
the perception that SVG is inadequate. At any rate, Microsoft extended svg
to meet their needs with XAML, Google adopted their own client rendering for
Google Earth and KML, while the open source community is working with w3c

When I look at the lay of the land I see some missing features in SVG.
Microsoft 2007	OS/Browser		XAML 	3D graphics acceleration
GoogleEarth	now	Web service 	KML	3D graphics acceleration
Mozilla/Linux now	OS/Browser		SVG	2D cpu graphics
Opera now		Browser		SVG	2D cpu graphics
AdobeASV farewell	Browser		SVG	2D cpu graphics
Mobile now		Browser		SVGt	2D cpu graphics
Renesis.. future?	Browser		SVG	2D hardware graphics

It looks to me like 3D and hardware acceleration will become defacto
standards for rich clients sometime in late 2007. SVG1.2 adds some features
to help with widget libraries. Switching to a graphics accelerator library
could quickly close the gap on hardware acceleration, but 3D isn't as easily
handled. w3c SVG is still on draft SVG1.2. Is there work behind the scenes
on SVG 1.3-2.0? If not does Mozilla/Linux see a problem that may force them
to an extended SVG schema or even XAML?

Anyone else wondering about this?

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