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Re: SVG Tiny Libraries

From: Mohit Garg <mgarg@innoviti.com>
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 09:33:09 +0530
Message-ID: <4521E0FD.8060504@innoviti.com>
To: Matteo Muratori <muratmat@gmail.com>
CC: www-svg@w3.org
Thanks a ton Antoine and Matteo. I will follow up on the pointers and 
may get back to you for more details.

One more question, I could not find the SVG-Tiny specification anywhere 
in PDF format. Does W3 have an official PDF version of the standard?

Mohit Garg

Matteo Muratori wrote:
> Mohit Garg wrote:
>> Dear Experts,
>> We are exploring the possibility of displaying SVG-Tiny animated 
>> graphics on a micro-controller based device. My search has shown the 
>> following libraries:
>> *Full SVG Libraries:*
>>     * librsvg
>>     * ksvg
>>     * Mozilla SVG Project
>> *SVG-Tiny Libraries*
>>     * TinyLine J2ME library
>> Are there any other SVG-Tiny libraries which we could use? (Both 
>> OpenSource and CommercialSource would be fine).
>> I am a newbie to SVG. Please pardon me if I am asking something silly 
>> or obvious. As per my current understanding, the SVG-Tiny 
>> specification is a complete subset of the SVG specification. So, any 
>> Full-SVG library should support the SVG-Tiny specification too. The 
>> idea then would be to port these to our platform.
> For commercial use there could named also AmanithVG (dot com), an 
> accelerated OpenVG implementation.
> The new incoming version will have some extension (at a VGU level) to 
> help writing SVG players.

Mohit Garg
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