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Re: SVG12: event base for audio/video/animation elements

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2006 10:01:35 +0200
To: <doug.schepers@vectoreal.com>
Cc: <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <fbcpa2t9ck77qm06ur6hj6f9dm5t3m4s9b@hive.bjoern.hoehrmann.de>

* Doug Schepers wrote:
>Sorry, I don't see where you are getting any such suggestion.  I merely
>asked if you had a interpretation of the SMIL specification that was
>different than our own.

Yes, that's a ridiculous question.

>However, if you think that it is both important enough, and undefined in
>the SMIL specification, that it should be made explicit in the SVG Tiny
>1.2 specification, ...

That's the same ridiculous question.

The specification must define what the event-base of an event-value is
if no event-base element is specified in the event-value for all the
elements/attributes defined in the specification. Neither the current
draft nor the text you've proposed achieve that (neither directly nor
indirectly through normative reference).

There is nothing difficult about this, for

  <svg ...>
    <rect ...>
      <audio begin="evt" .../>
      <animation begin="evt" .../>
      <video begin="evt" .../>
      <discard begin="evt" .../>
      <set begin="evt" .../>
      <animate begin="evt" .../>
      <animateColor begin="evt" .../>
      <animateTransform  begin="evt" .../>
      <animateMotion begin="evt" .../>
I want to know for each element with a begin attribute when it begins.
Each element begins when 'evt' somehow occurs on the event-base element,
per SMIL. So I need to know the event-base for each event-value. The
current draft can be read to say the event-base of the <audio> above is
the <rect>. It can also be read to say it's <audio>. The Working Group
apparently reads it to say it's <svg>. Yes, I really do think having
three different interpretations out of two possible interpretations is
a problem that needs to be addressed. I am 100% certain that I really
absolutely truthfully doubtlessly think this is a problem that really,
really, really does need to be addressed through changes to the draft.

Oh, and I almost forgot to say, yes, I do think this is a problem that
needs to be addressed. I do not think this is a non-issue that does not
need to be addressed. I understand you think that usually when I say
there is a problem, there probably is none, but in this case I can truly
assure you that I think that yes, there is a problem.

I am unsure whether I made myself clear as to whether I think that we
have a problem here. If you have any doubts regarding whether I think
there is a problem, do not hesitate to ask whether I really meant to
raise an issue when I raised an issue.
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