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RE: SVG Wiki status: suggest suspend links

From: Doug Schepers <doug@schepers.cc>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 02:52:58 -0500
To: "'Andrew Cates'" <Andrew.Cates@sos-uk.org.uk>, <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20050325075300.DF2151496A1@pillage.dreamhost.com>
Hi, Andrew-
I've spoken with the current maintainer of the wiki, and we believe that the
original content is still available. He and I are on the task of restoring
it to its original state and migrating it to a more secure system.
If you have any advice on that score, feel free to contact me offlist.


doug . schepers  @ vectoreal.com
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I am afraid restoring the Wiki may not be that easy (or at least if it can
still be done not for much longer), but it is possible. 


The page histories on PHP wikis only keep more recent page versions and in
some cases I fear the original may be inaccessible. It is at least also
several hours work, partly because many of the genuine page changes were
done by non-logged in users. Some of the restoration needs to be done with
admin rights to delete pages and lock each page as restored.  


Do you know who has admin rights on the Wiki? I don't mind helping to do the
restoration if a lock down is the way forward but I would want to talk to
someone with admin rights on how to do it. Also it would have to be in the
next couple of days before I go away for Easter. I have done complete
reversions a few times but I gnome too many wikis to keep doing ones without
good built-in immunity.


I would favour dropping the links from SVG and returning to the problem
later. I would also favour switching to Moinmoin as Dan has done at the ESW


Andrew Cates




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