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Re: SVG 1.2 Tiny: Please add changes from last version

From: Chris Lilley <chris@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 09:11:54 +0100
Message-ID: <46900942.20051212091154@w3.org>
To: Maciej Stachowiak <mjs@apple.com>
Cc: www-svg@w3c.org

On Sunday, December 11, 2005, 8:01:18 AM, Maciej wrote:

MS> I think it would really improve the spec to have a section that  
MS> indicates changes relative to SVG 1.1. This would be a great help  
MS> both to implementors and to anyone looking to comment on the spec.

MS> Currently many major web browsers are implementing SVG 1.1 Full  
MS> directly (Firefox, Opera and Mozilla all have work in various stages  
MS> of progress). It would be really nice if it were possible to  
MS> implement an engine that supports the union of 1.1 Full and 1.2 Tiny  
MS> without a mode switch, but it's hard to tell from the spec if this is  
MS> feasible. I suspect browsers would not want to implement 1.2 Full as  
MS> it currently stands.

Its hard to produce a diff between 1.1 full and 1.2 tiny given the
markup is different and that the wording has been altered in some places
to make it clearer.

The old (profile) 1.2 spec had color coding for elements in 1.2 tiny
that were not in 1.1 tiny. We could look at doing element and attribute
indexes that were similarly coded (new compared to Tiny 1.1, and new
compared to Full 1.1)

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