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Re: Reconsider SVG 1.2

From: Jim Ley <jim@jibbering.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 15:28:47 -0000
To: www-svg@w3.org
Message-ID: <cnfqnf$9s5$1@sea.gmane.org>

"Philippe Lhoste" <PhiLho@GMX.net> wrote in message 
> That's why I am surprised by your statement that CSS is rarely used in 
> real world documents.

The reasons it's rarely used are many fold, here's a few that I know of.

   It's optional, many user agents do not support it, so if you're authoring 
for widest possible support including mobile, you don't use it - even if 
you're not targetting any player but ASV now, you don't cut yourself from 
the other UA's unless you have to.

   Authoring tools avoid it, because it's not available everywhere, and it's 
more complicated to author ( you need to make sure that your specificity of 
your selectors is accurate, if you do that the easy way your CSS is no 
smaller as you don't get any re-use.)

   It complicates scripting - because CSS properties are always higher 
specificity than attribute properties, it means you have to do 
setAttributeNS(null,'style','construct a string of all style 
operties')   -  this is both slower and more complicated than just setting 
the stroke-width attribute.

My biggest complaint though, is the problem with the user stylesheet, 
because in CSS the user stylesheet rules supreme, the user stylesheet can 
render your images inaccessible, this I think shows clearly why CSS should 
not be used to style rendered semantics, and why the specificity of SVG 
attribute properties is wrong.  Hopefully the WG will address this issue of 
mine I've had since 1.1 as part of the 1.2 LC, as it obviously all applies 
to 1.2 as none of this has changed.


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