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Re: element visibility only within the group, not whole document?

From: Mitch Germansky <mbg@cs.rutgers.edu>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:20:14 -0500
Message-ID: <3E7F303E.3080606@cs.rutgers.edu>
To: www-svg@w3.org

is it possible to have a white <rect> effect only the objects (e.g. 
<line>s) of the <g> the <rect> and <line> are contained in?

it appears that the <rect> whites out the entire document.  i am looking 
for a way to "erase" <line>s only within one of many <g>s in a document.

i've written my application to place a <set> hidden visibility animation 
for every <line> within the <g> and this works, but it does not perform 
as well as a single animated <rect> would do.


On 3/12/2003 Mitch Germansky wrote:

> i am trying to do an erase feature in my svg application. this 
> application takes the svg produced by OO and allows a user to scribble 
> on top of the slides with a mouse/pen. i have a <g> with a many 
> <line>s representing pen strokes. each line uses <set> to animate 
> playback. if after capturing the pen strokes the user wants to erase 
> the lines, i currently add a second <set> tag to each <line> setting 
> visibility to hidden at that time. i was hoping that another solution 
> would be using a <rect> of all white. the problem is that my svg 
> supports multiple <g>s of lines. and i only want the <rect> to 
> "whiteout" the lines for the <g> it's contained in, but it "whitesout" 
> the entire document. do you have a suggestion? i tried adding a <set> 
> to the <g> (instead of all the <line>s), but the visibility there 
> seems to be ignored, i.e. it appears that the <set> animations within 
> each <line> supersede the <g> <set>. i am using batik in a java web 
> start app.
> sorry for my ignorance, i am new in this svg world.
> thanks.
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