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We have released eSVG 1.5

From: Damir Jezic <Jezic@INTESIS.hr>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:54:55 +0100
To: <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001e01c2dcbc$54b97d80$aa00a8c0@djezic>

Hello everybody!

We are proud to present you our new Embedded SVG version - eSVG 1.5.

eSVG 1.5 completes almost all targets that we have planed for eSVG 1.x
version series. SVG Tiny and SVG Basic profiles are supplemented in many
fine details. Speed and data consumption satisfy all run-time requirements.
Accessing of the real process data is fully compatible with ICU (Integrated
Control Unit) now. Script debugging is easier and more stable than ever.

SVG viewing, animation and script development becomes with eSVG 1.5 more
than a simple need for the efficient static and dynamic presentation of the
scalable graphics, no matter you run it on your home PC, handheld device or
embedded system device.

In addition to the eSVG version 1.4, version 1.5 has many new features:

* SMIL animation is in-depth elaborated and supports even very complex SMIL
examples; it is also faster, smoother and more precise now
* Viewport panning capability; also ActiveX entries paneMode & scrollBars
are added
* History management; also ActiveX entries historyBack & historyForward are
* Group opacity
* Links to internal & external SVG elements and links to non-SVG documents
* Full support for vertical fonts - especially useful for Japanese & Chinese
* Various new SVG DOM entries; includes also SVGMatrix and NodeList objects
and URL/XML-related methods; look at the list of eSVG features on:
* Parsing of any ENTITY format
* Text processing speed is additionally increased
* Image transparency is supported now also for Pocket PC
* Debugging with eSVG IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is improved
and high-stable now
* Various smaller features and improvements

You can find eSVG project on www.EmbeddedSVG.com.
If you are already registered on eSVG, you can directly download eSVG 1.5
evaluation package from:

On the Pricing page:
you can also find eSVG product pricing list.

Best regards,
Damir Jezic
eSVG Support Team

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