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librsvg homepage announced

From: Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus@linuxrising.org>
Date: 01 Feb 2003 20:22:02 +0100
To: www-svg@w3.org
Message-Id: <1044127321.1138.22.camel@thebox>

I just wanted everyone to know that we now have set up a homepage for
librsvg. librsvg is a SVG rendering library made in ansi C and available
under the LGPL license.

librsvg is not 100% complete yet in rendering the whole SVG testsuite
perfectly, but it is capable of rendering most of it. 

librsvg is very fast and our tests shows that it loads/renders SVG
images faster than libpng loads/renders png images.

librsvg is used in the GNOME desktop to offer SVG support everywhere.

You find more information, screenshots, sourcecode etc. at:


Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus@linuxrising.org>
Received on Saturday, 1 February 2003 14:25:58 UTC

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