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Re: SVG1.2 and web applications

From: Fred P. <fprog26@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 11:57:18 -0400
To: www-svg@w3.org
Message-ID: <BAY2-F159IZ9CZ6XfGx00023c61@hotmail.com>

> > - SVG Editor - Beta - look and feel:
> >
> >   1) Without JavaScript (for ASV6pr1)
> >       http://j2k.sourceforge.net/svg/august8/btn_def19.htm

>The thing that interests me here, is why you're not using the power of
>vector, but making triangles with rectangles?  It makes look ugly when we 

Because, I didn't want to waste time redrawing everything by hand. ;)
I used a Perl script to render those tiny rectangle pixels.


It took me 14 days to draw a bunch of buttons correctly from scratch.
It took me few minutes to get all of them with the script!

If your good in Perl or similar scripting language, go ahead!
zap those little rectangles and contribute to the community
by writing a better algorithm then mine. ;^)

> > SVGTimer could be pretty useful.
> > http://www.w3.org/TR/2003/WD-SVG12-20030715/#SVGTimer

>Do you feel it's more useful than setTimeout/setInterval - does it allow 
>things not previously available?  (not that they are suitable for a 
>independant environment)

One of my question is setTimeout/setInterval syntax will still be supported?
else we have some backward compatibility issue for all existing SVG 

Well, SVGTimer provides removeHandler and stop(),
of course that could be done via a variable and setTimeout,
but will look a bit more natural and readable.

> > BTW, SVG has no '\n' only multiple <tspan>, > so things get a little bit 
>more messy. ;)

>You have looked at the text-flow portions which solve this?

I couldn't get in touch with any working EXAMPLE yet on ASV6pr1.
I'm dying to see such things.
The only thing that I saw working was embedded XHTML in ASV6pr1.

> > Another thing, copy/paste to and from other application without using
>"Copy SVG".  It's far from being 'transparent'.

>Access to clipboard is generally frowned upon in the web environment,

Note for plain-text tought!
Neither copy of web content to other apps.

>it's a big problem in uniting web and non-web functionality, since to do 
>integration, you need to provide functionality that you do not want with
>untrusted resources.  The problem means you need to develop a security
>model, as well as the functionality.

I don't see any security problem whatsoever,
you are pasting to an application yourself.
So, where's the security issue?

Think of it like uploading an attachment in webmail or a document to a 


>SVG has loads to add to come anywhere near this... however the ability to
>bind RCC or similar to render an XHTML in some manner would be useful.  The
>important difference between HTML and SVG for me, is that HTML only defines
>structure, whereas SVG mostly defines appearance, they're in a different 
>problem scope.

Not at all!
You try to be a little bit too 'SVG purist' I think.
I'm more like mix all kinds of species
and see what kind of kids grow up out of those. =)

HTML is too restricted.
SVG is not restricted and a bit young.

Once upon a while I suggested mixing SVG and XHTML.
That seems to be adopted in ASV6pr1 partially.

The only thing that XHTML has,
that SVG does not have is general object/text layout and forms.
Fix those two, and XHTML/DHTML/HTML has no point to live at all,
apart from supporting legacy browsers.

With XEvent, XForms and proper layout tools.

One thing I don't like is 2.11:

They restrict it to text only,
while <table> in XHTML applies to ANYTHING.

I would be more happy if it supported <text> or <g> tags.

Why <g> tags? because they don't have (x,y) coordinates! =)

I really really want all the layout possibilities
of <table>, <div>, <p> and <span> inside SVG.
<table> is not currently supported in ASV6pr1.

Do I need to buy some SVG judges in here to get it?
If so, just tell me who! =P

Sincerely yours,

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